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A Day at First Bridge
  • 9:00am
    Drop Off

    Parents and carers arrive at the centre. Outside reception, each child is handed over between 9:00am and 9:15am. 



  • 9:15am
    Morning Circle Time

    Children practice nursery/school readiness skills by taking responsibility for hanging up their coats and unpacking their backpacks and signing in for registration. They join a short circle time, say hello to their friends and therapists in a supportive and fun environment. Through these activities children learn independence skills required for future education.

  • 9:30am
    Therapy Session

    Each child receives high-quality, individualised, intensive therapy which is delivered through a combination of 1:1 and small group (1:2) applied behaviour analysis (ABA). Time is spent teaching skills that are essential to each child. We intersperse table based teaching — to improve attending, responding and concentration — with natural, incidental teaching, which takes place in the garden or the soft play and communal play areas. Led by the child’s motivation, this approach helps each child generalise skills to natural environments, and to develop spontaneous and meaningful communication.


  • 11:45am
    Classroom Activity

    Children join their friends and are taught essential social and peer interaction skills in group activities that incorporate the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. These activities are based on a variety of themes that are meaningful to our children throughout the year, such as festivals, celebrations or anniversaries.

  • 12:00pm (End of morning session)
    Lunch Time

    Children spend time practicing their independence with eating, as well as learning to like new foods.

  • 12:30pm
    Garden Time

    Children have the opportunity to have some ‘free play’ in the garden, supported by our team of therapists and clinical supervisors. Play and communication are facilitated by the therapists during this time, to help the children learn how to communicate with their friends, share and take turns.

  • 1:00pm (Afternoon session begins)
    Afternoon Circle Time

    Children join a short circle time and afternoon registration to welcome friends joining for afternoon sessions. Children will also practice school readiness skills during this time, such as lining up to come back to class from garden time, and washing their hands before signing in.

  • 1:15pm
    Therapy Sessions

    Each child continues on their individualised therapy programme, learning skills intensively at the table, and then generalising these important skills into natural play contexts.

  • 3:45pm
    Classroom Circle Time

    Children continue to learn self-help and independence skills by preparing their belongings for going home (i.e. packing their bag and and snack, etc) under the supervision of their therapy team using a carefully designed task analysis and then join their friends for a short circle time to read a story and/or sing their favourite songs before saying goodbye.

  • 4:00pm
    Home Time

    Children say goodbye to their therapists and friends and greet their parents after a day full of exciting new things learned.