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About ABA

How does ABA work?

ABA will look different for each child because it is tailored to the individual child’s needs. In many cases, it starts with teaching basic skills, such as communication,  listening and imitating. These build the foundation for children to learn complex skills, such as social interactions, independent play, academics and self-care routines.

Our Behavioural Consultants and Programme Supervisors, use ABA and its fundamental  principles to assess each child’s existing skills, including individual barriers that are preventing them from learning. The aim of this is to design a highly individual therapy programme that teaches socially significant skills and enables our team to evaluate each child’s progress towards using these skills in a meaningful and functional way.

ABA therapy and early intervention

As a well known science, teaching methodology, and therapy, ABA is used worldwide to significantly improve the lives and skills of individuals with autism and related conditions, from infancy to adulthood. It has been empirically demonstrated that ABA can reduce core autism symptoms and challenging behaviours in children, young people and adults. However, it is most effective when children start therapy as early as possible. 

Children who receive early intervention typically have the best treatment outcomes.

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