Our goal is to empower parents and healthcare professionals to better understand autism and the importance of early intervention, gain better understanding of best practices, and contribute to successful outcomes of the littles ones they are supporting.

First Bridge Centre’s behavioural and educational model is firmly based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), which uses systematic, evidence-based approach to teach socially significant behaviours in children with autism learn age- and developmentally-appropriate language, communication and learning skills. ABA is a research-based therapy, which uses well-established principles of learning to improve skill acquisition and encourage effective learning and increased independence across all settings. Over 30 years of extensive scientific research has demonstrated that Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most effective approach for teaching children with autism as well as other behavioural and developmental conditions. 

Our early intervention programmes help families, nurseries, and professionals that are impacted by autism. Our team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behaviour Technicians provide compassionate, expert care to children with autism and other developmental disabilities with a particular focus on early intervention for children between infancy and age five. We also offer support for children who need help transitioning to school-based learning. 

We welcome families who require timely and thorough developmental assessments of their child’s skills and barriers affecting learning and subsequent early intervention, which is outcomes-focused, child-centred and individualised for their child’s specific needs. We combine clinical and educational support in a setting that is engaging, fun and focused on meaningfully improving the learning trajectory and bridging a developmental gap for each child under our care.


First Bridge Centre’s team brings together decades of global experience from healthcare, particularly applied behaviour analysis (ABA), and early years education.

Tracie Lindblad Clinical Director First Bridge

Tracie Lindblad

MSc., SLP, M.Ed., BCBA Tracie is a co-founder and non-executive board director at First Bridge who provides ongoing training, management …

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Mikaela Green BCBA

Mikaela Green

Board Certified Behavior Analyst Mikaela is an experienced, energetic and passionate Behaviour Analyst who has dedicated her life to the …

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Jo Conduit Director of Education First Bridge

Joanne Conduit-Smith

Jo has worked in education for 25 years in a number of different posts, including ITT course tutor, teaching and …

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Andreea Istrate BCBA

Andreea Istrate

Andreea is an energetic and devoted Behaviour Analyst who is passionate about helping children with autism achieve their potential. Andreea …

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Casey Minifie

MPEd., BCBA Casey is an enthusiastic clinician who is passionate about creating socially significant changes in the lives of children …

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Sigmund Eldevik

Sigmund Eldevik

Sigmund Eldevik is an associate Professor at Oslo Metropolitan University, Department of Behavioral Science, where he teaches courses in behavior analysis, early …

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