Home School Timetable & Tips – COVID-19 TOOLKIT

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We are all learning new ways to juggle working from home, taking care of our children and staying sane during this pandemic. While it is fine for us to have a pyjama day once in a while, creating a predictable routine will help ease some of your child’s anxiety in this unpredictable time.

Example Timetable for Home Education

8:00- Morning Routine
✦Practice getting dressed on their own or with less help
✦Listen to music during breakfast; tidy up together

9:00- Literacy
✦Read books together and let them predict what will happen
✦Have them name the pictures of their favourite animals

Home School Timetable for COVID-19
Homeschooling During COVID-19 Is Less Stressful with a Routine

10:00-Physical Activity
✦Put on your favourite video or music and work up a sweat

11:00- Maths
✦Clean out your coin purse and set up a pretend store
✦Do a shape scavenger hunt around the house

12:00- Tidy Up
✦Make a game of racing to clean up the morning activities
✦Teach them how to fold the laundry or unload the dishwasher

1:00: Lunch
✦Have them set the table or help get drinks

2:00-Outdoors Time
✦Take the dog for a walk or go on a scavenger hunt outside

✦Break out the crayons and paint and get creative
✦Do a virtual Museum Tour for inspiration

4:00-Screen Time
✦Knowing when screens are available will minimise arguments.

Tips for a Successful Day of Homeschooling

Get Off to a Great Start
As we aren’t having to race out the door, this is a great time to increase your child’s independence. Pick one thing to start with (putting their shirt on, brushing their teeth with less assistance, or maybe making their own breakfast).

Keep them Busy
Rushing to make that Zoom call? Take a few minutes to find 3-4 independent activities to keep your child engaged. Set up that Lego set that has been collecting dust, break out those puzzles and books they love. Be sure to remember a snack (for both of you!) and its an ok time to break out the iPad or put on Disney+.

Work Together
Involve your children in household activities and make a game out of tidying up or prepping meals. The more engaged they are the easier it will be for everyone!

Be sure to take some time for yourself each day too!

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