Developmental milestone assessment clinics

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As part of our commitment to the parents and children of West and South West London, we have launched a programme of free clinics for parents who are worried about their child’s developmental delays and any signs of learning difficulties. The clinics are suitable for children between 12 months and five years old.

The next screenings are in-person clinics run by our team at the children’s Skyline Clinic of the BUPA Cromwell Hospital (address). The dates are:

Our panel of multidisciplinary clinical specialists spend 20 minutes per family observing parents and their child together. Our specialists use standardised assessment tools and developmental checklists and discuss with parents their concerns about their child’s development.

Participating parents receive a clinical report which provides peace of mind, or which they can use to seek a formal assessment of their child’s needs either through the NHS or privately.

Reserve your child’s place today using the links above.

Free Autism Screening London


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