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Therapy Centre for Children with Autism
and Developmental Delays in London, UK
Sasha Zerkalova

Sasha is a former M&A advisor and mother of a child with ASD. She has lived the parental challenge of successfully educating her child with an interdisciplinary early intensive intervention (ABA) approach. She has been actively working in the field of ABA in the UK, Canada and the US for seven years.

Founding First Bridge Centre began with my family’s personal journey with autism. Before First Bridge Centre was formed, there was no centralised setting in the UK, that provided clear, structured, high-quality therapy and education to children with autism from the early age of 14 months in a centre-based setting required to deliver therapy with high fidelity and consistency of learning that a home-based therapy setting can never achieve.

 I am resolved to continue to build out FBC to further address the UK’s deficit of early intervention and to provide a solution to thousands of families and empowering them to finally have a choice of evidence-based services and a fresh start despite a difficult beginning of their child’s life. I want to see the UK, where children with a developmental conditions can realise their amazing potential.”