Telehealth Support for ASD Now Available

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First Bridge Centre is dedicated to ensuring that our families and staff stay safe during this global pandemic. We are adhering to the most up to date government guidance on isolation and social distancing. Therefore, we are adjusting to a telehealth model to ensure that our families still get the support they need. 

Starting in April, families will be able to access ABA services solely via a Telehealth model. Families will have an initial call with our CEO and Clinical Director to individualise this service and determine an appropriate plan. Goals from your Initial Intake Assessment will be modified so that they can be addressed during daily routines. A parent consultation model based on Early Social Interactions will be utilised via Zoom so that families are empowered to address their child’s needs. 

Covid & Telehealth Resources for Parents:

If you have questions about our services or would like additional information, please contact us

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