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“It’s been over six months now since our daughter started doing ABA. There is visible progress. She says a few words in context, got potty trained, got to eat by herself. There are far fewer tantrums. More importantly, she is happy to go to the centre every morning. We can see it on her face. The therapy helps her grow, slowly and methodically filling in the gaps in her development. She takes it seriously and we love to get little videos of her doing puzzles or building with bricks. She didn’t do any of these six months ago.”


“His laughter is contagious and his determination to live has always shown that this is the way for a child with autism, no matter what happens, no matter how many obstacles comes his way, he will find a way to overcome them. I am proud of him for every little improvement he makes through ABA. ABA has been with my child since he was two years old, and he has made steady progress with it over the years and still does. He is almost five years old and the improvements he has made through it have been a huge benefit not only to him but to all of us as a family.”

What Are Early Signs of Autism?

“First Bridge Centre was a godsend for our family. The staff and team that surrounded our son was warm, and very committed to supporting and building upon all of our son’s strengths. They connected with him right away, and the rapport was evident. Our son loved going to the Centre every day. The staff’s consummate positive outlook was very reassuring for us as parents. They communicated what they were working on, and what areas needed the most support on a daily basis. We felt that FBC was handling our son’s needs with a great deal of care and attention. It was instantly obvious to us that the team was organised well and they knew what they were doing.”