The Benefits of Centre Based Intervention

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Dear parents and colleagues, 

We have received a lot of inquiries about the benefits of centre-based intervention, and are happy to provide you with additional information to help you make an informed decision. 

Centre Based Treatment

This will point you to research comparisons of the outcomes of centre-based vs home-based programs, that we hope you will find helpful. Also, “A Program Evaluation of Home and Center-Based Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder” by Dennis R. Dixon & Claire O. Burns & Doreen Granpeesheh is attached below:

View PDF: A Program Evaluation of Home and Center-Based Treatment
for Autism Spectrum Disorder

It is important to note that RBTs/ ABA therapists working in a centre-based environment report greater job-satisfaction due to increased supervision by the consultant BCBA, lower burn-out rates, stronger peer-to-peer working relationships, increased knowledge from working in a multidisciplinary setting, as a direct result of receiving ongoing input from SLT/PROMR/OT teams. 

Working alongside a diagnostic setting also provides therapy teams with a wider understanding of the positive implications of ABA/ EIBI on the longer-term outcomes for the children they treat. These include improved scores on the CARS-II, Vineland, and other attainment and cognitive assessments, which are typically performed by psychiatrists, educational psychologists and neurodevelopmental paediatricians.

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