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Why Centre-based therapy

What does the research say?

A research study conducted by (Roberts J. et al., 2011) examined the therapy outcomes for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder who participated in centre-based programmes and home-based programmes. 

Therapy outcomes measures focused on social and communication skill development in the children, quality of life and stress for parents. The greatest improvement was observed in social & communication skill development. On average, children achieved 100% more learning per hour during centre-based vs. home-based therapy, based on exemplars mastered. Furthermore, parents of children in the centre-based programme reported the most gains in “perception of competence & quality of life.”  Researchers concluded that, if possible, centre-based therapy was the preferred option for children with autism.

Research/Study: “Roberts, J., Williams, K., Carter, M., Evans, D., Parmenter, T., Silove, N., Clark, T., Warren, A. (2011). A randomised controlled trial of two early intervention programs for young children with autism: Centre-based with parent program and home-based. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 5, 1553-1566.
“Dixon, D., Burns, C., Granpeesheh, D., Amarasinghe , R., Powell, A., Linstead, E. (2016). A Program Evaluation of Home and Center-Based Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Association for Behaviour Analysis International. doi 10.1007/s40617-026-0155-7

Our approach

On the basis of the research available worldwide, greater gains are achieved by children within centre-based programmes. Therefore, we have built a centre-based environment that provides a “home-away-from-home” feel whilst removing every-day distractions of the home-environment, which would impact the child’s learning and progress. 

It also facilitates a more efficient and cooperative environment for our clinical team, scientifically proven to contribute to your child’s progress. Our clinical team of BCBA’s, Clinical Supervisors, and Therapists are able to spend more direct time working with your child, have continuous daily oversight of each child’s progress and data and can make necessary adjustments to therapy programmes moment-by-moment.

Essential developmental skills and support for the entire family