First Bridge Centre is a leading provider of ABA-led early intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder.

We are committed to redefining the way that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is viewed and treated, by taking the most progressive and holistic approach to the children in our care and their families.

We offer centre-based, early-years, interdisciplinary, outcomes-focused therapy programs underpinned by the science of ABA – Applied Behaviour Analysis.


Pre-registration is now open for centre-based programmes, opening soon at our new treatment centre in London.

Looking to start therapy right away?

Until our centre opens, our team will travel for 1:1 home-based therapy sessions. If you live within commuting distance of Chelsea, London, we can provide much-needed home-based therapy for your child*.

  • Including Calling Code
  • The current age of your child

*Children will transition to centre based ABA therapy when our centre opens.


26 Cadogan Square
Chelsea, London
SW1X 0JP, United Kingdom
0203 301 3985
*Our centre is scheduled to open in spring 2021


At the beginning of each treatment path, parents of children with autism need to decide on the treatment approach best suited for their child. Choosing a centre-based ABA program vs a home-based program is an important initial step.