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First Bridge’s goal is to give children with suspected or diagnosed developmental conditions, including autism, the best opportunity of leading a happy and fulfilled life, through tailored education with an integrated therapeutic offer.

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Developmental specialists changing lives through Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy

As a leading provider of early intervention for a wide range of developmental conditions, First Bridge utilises cutting edge research, and an evidence-based practice therapy model to provide intensive early intervention therapy tailored to the individual needs of each child. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy is personalised to consider each child’s needs and supports the development of speech, language, social, play, emotional, and cognitive abilities.

We believe that evidence-based therapy helps children achieve important developmental milestones and learn essential life skills.

After families identify that their child has a suspected developmental condition, or they receive a diagnosis of autism, therapy choices a family makes will influence the trajectory of the child’s learning and their ability to bridge the developmental gap.

We are committed to bridging the gap in essential services for children who require urgent and immediate support, giving every child from infancy to nine years old the best chance of learning more effectively and leading a happy, independent and fulfilled life.

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Why early intervention?

The first few years of a child’s development determines the child’s ability to learn and acquire skills throughout their lives. 

Research clearly shows that the earlier Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is implemented, the stronger the outcome; early intervention is designed to capitalise on experience-based neuroplasticity of the brain, by which learning occurs in response to a child’s experience with the environment. Early intervention with ABA increases the likelihood that children can overcome the developmental gaps caused by their conditions, have a better quality of life, and acquire greater independence across all functional, academic and daily living settings.

Our services

First Bridge offers comprehensive, ABA and Verbal Behaviour (VB) one-to-one and small group therapy services for children with autism and developmental delays. We offer our services through a Centre-based therapy model, which provides our children with the  intensive and vital teaching they need, alongside an integrated, gold standard clinical training and supervision model for the children and their therapy team.

Where do we start?

At the beginning of each child’s journey, our team carry out an in-depth, research-led development assessment which measures each child’s current strengths and barriers to learning.

An assessment informed therapy programme is then designed by our clinical team, which determines the skills each child needs to learn, and their essential, individualised therapy and educational goals. This enables us to fully understand each child’s individual skill profile and what they need in place to maximise their learning trajectory.

Committed to early intervention

Every child with a developmental delay has the right to receive high-quality, evidence-based teaching as soon as they exhibit the first signs of delay.

We invest in globally certified clinical training for our staff and provide clinically-recommended levels of supervision to be the leader of early intervention in the UK. It gives us confidence that our team delivers the best support for each child’s needs.

First Bridge Early Intervention Programme for Autism and Related Developmental Delays

At First Bridge, our behavioural approach and educational support services are based on Applied Behaviour Analysis and Verbal Behaviour.

The basics of ABA Therapy

The first few years of a child’s development determines the child’s ability to learn and acquire skills throughout their lives. ABA Therapy is an evidence-based practice that has been derived through decades of scientific research.

Why Centre-based therapy?

Centre-based services offer unique therapy benefits for children who require early intervention and ABA therapy

Parent Training and Coaching

First Bridge is committed to delivering a scope of care and therapy around the child and their family. Parent training is therefore a vital necessary component of each child’s journey at First Bridge.